How Our “Long Block” Engines Are Delivered

Hi, Eddie here with Powertrain Products, Incorporated. Today I wanted to talk about some of the ways that our engines come. It’s very commonly asked to us exactly how our engines come, and what comes with them, and what the repair shop will have to do to switch it over and get it installed into the vehicle.

This can be a bit of a difficult answer because we do sell things in various ways. The most common way is showed right behind me here. This is an old ’88 3.8 front wheel drive Taurus engine. This is also referred to as a long block. This is the way that we sell 90% of our engines. The majority of them will come as a long block engine with your oil pump, and a gasket kit so that your mechanic can swap everything over.

What exactly does he need to swap over? I’ll tell you right now. Basically, with this type of engine a long block is going to be the block, and the cylinder heads, or head if it’s a 4 cylinder. What you’re required to switch over are things like the oil pan, valve covers, intake manifold, timing cover, exhaust manifolds, all of your external accessories, things like AC, power steering, the mounts, the brackets, your flex plate on the back, fuel injectors, and your wiring, all of your hoses and your water pump.

Again, we send all of the gaskets with this. This is the most common way that our engines come. We also sell engines where the oil pan, and the timing cover, and sometimes the valve covers are installed. It depends on your application.

If you have any questions as to how your engine specifically comes, feel free to ask the salesman when you call in. Thanks for looking at our video today. Have a wonderful day. We look forward to talking to you soon.