Our “No Fault” Warranty

Hi, this is Eddie with Powertrain Products Incorporated. I just wanted to cover our new no-fault warranty today. This is a warranty plan that we’ve put together per the request of our customers to provide added coverage in the event that there’s a warranty that isn’t covered by us.

Examples of things that wouldn’t be covered are: overheating, running the engine out of oil, say the fuel injector fails, destroys the entire engine.

Our no-fault protection plan is there to blanket over top of the standard warranty.

It provides number one, free replacement, no questions asked, in the event of a failure. If something happens that we believe may have been the fault of the installation facility or you, we’ll provide a free engine, no questions asked, under this warranty plan.

Also, there’s some added coverage over and above our standard warranty, too. The added coverage would be things like labor rate up to $95 per hour, rental car, towing, diagnostic time, and fluid coverage in the event of this failure, too.

Please see our warranty online for details. We look forward to talking to you soon at Powertrain Products.