What Is Different About Our Rebuilt Dodge 4.7 Engines?

Our rebuilt Dodge 4.7 engines are superior to other manufactures because:

  • We install 100% new pressed in & pinned valve seats to stop seats from dropping and damaging engines.
  • We have eliminated the oil sludge issue by utilizing a newly engineered piston which brings the combustion chamber temperature back under control. We have also drilled out drain back holes in the head and block to promote proper oiling.
  • We have corrected timing chain guide and tensioner failure with new design parts.
  • We install a M.L.S. (multi layer steel) head gasket which stops premature head gasket failure from the high heat conditions this engine endures.
  • We stand behind our engine with a 4 year 1 million mile nationwide parts & labor warranty.
  • We are the only manufacturer to offer a NO Fault Warranty on our engine that provides coverage regardless of the cause of failure as well as providing rental car, towing, higher labor rate & diagnostic coverage.
  • We have the best in stock coverage of these late model Dodge engines anywhere with delivery times anywhere in the u.s within 2-3 days sometimes overnight!

Please feel free contact us with any additional questions you may have…