What Is The “Break In Procedure” For Your Engines?

The “Break In” for our all of our rebuilt engines is as follows:

  1. No synthetic oil for the first 3000 miles and be sure to check oil levels at each fill up as the engine will consume 1-2 quarts during break in
  2. Run the engine for 500 miles and then change the oil
  3. Run the engine for an additional 2500 miles and change the oil again
  4. Typical city driving during the first 3000 miles is ideal stop and go with varying rpm’s if highway driving is a must for you then make sure you vary your speeds and rpm every few minutes(if you do not live in a flat area this typically happens by default)
  5. After 3000 miles your engine will be broken in and can be run on synthetic oil at this time if you prefer

Please feel free contact us with any additional questions you may have…