Our Dodge HEMI Engines Have An Upgraded Intake Manifold Screen Gasket

Are you looking for a replacement Dodge HEMI engine? If so, you may want one with an upgraded intake manifold gasket. Alaina explains why in this video:

To sum it up, it’s somewhat common for debris to kill Dodge 5.7 HEMI engines. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. It’s because these engines have a design flaw. As the engines get older, they are known to drop valve seats. In addition to the engine needing to be replaced, the valve seat failure sends metal debris into the intake manifold.

The engine also has an intake manifold that’s hard to clean. If someone reuses an old manifold on a new reman engine, debris from the manifold can damage the new engine.  That’s aggravating!

Our Solution Prevents This Problem

To many HEMI owners’ frustration, there was no way to fix this issue. HEMI owners were stuck with the OEM manifold design. All they could do was cross their fingers and hope that the metal debris wouldn’t seize the engine. You don’t have to worry about this anymore. It’s because we came up with an effective solution!

We designed an OEM quality replacement intake manifold gasket that:

  • Has screens over the intake ports
  • Catches the debris before it goes into the engine

Our intake manifold gaskets with screens are included with each engine in the event you are reusing your intake manifold. Although we do generally recommend intake replacement it is not always an option due to availability from the aftermarket or the OEM.

Our Gen 3 HEMI Engines Include An Upgraded Intake Manifold Screen Gasket

At Powertrain Products, we rebuild and remanufacture engines. During the rebuilding/remanufacturing process, we correct all known factory faults. These engines are provided as long block engines, and do not include an intake manifold. To prevent any problems that might be caused by debris in your old intake manifold, we provide a screened intake manifold gasket.

You Can Also Replace The Intake Manifold

If you’d like to start completely fresh, we’ve sourced a new OEM quality intake manifold for your HEMI. This intake manifold includes a standard gasket. With a brand new manifold, there is no need for a screen gasket, as there is no chance of debris being in the manifold. You can check out the new manifold here.

Are you wondering if the intake manifold will work with your specific HEMI application? Please contact us. We’ll be happy to help you!

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