How We Fixed The Ford 3 Valve 5.4 Engine Problems

Ford engine

Powertrain Products Ford 5.4 three-valve engines are built to exceed original OEM specifications. Our team has reconstructed this troubled Ford engine to improve on quality and longevity.

Here is a list of some of the well-known Ford 5.4 engine problems we have corrected:

Cam Phasers Cause Over Retard or Advance Codes – New OEM phasers improve the hydraulic flow and adjustment of the unit. This allows a smooth transition from open-loop to closed-loop, which in the stock engines would cause problems at higher mileage, resulting in camshaft failures.

Camshaft Failures – Line bore all damaged cam bores and installed customer bearing with stock dimension camshafts. These fix the hydraulic problem the heads are plagued with. Even in the event of a cam phaser problem, it will not damage the camshaft as it did before.

Camshaft CVT (sensors) – 100% new camshaft CVT’s. We are the only manufacturer that tests these prior to shipping for full activation and engagement. (More about testing in this article.)

Blown Out And Stripped Cylinder Head Spark Plugs – Drill all heads, re-weld the holes with new material, and re-drill and tap to add stronger material and more threads than originally equipped with.

Cylinder Head Gasket Failures – New OEM multi-layer steel head gaskets that are not as prone to failure from high heat operating temperatures of this engine.

Timing Failures – New OEM timing components include upgraded tensioners and guides to prevent chain slap and failure.

Valve Failures – All NEW valve train in each 5.4 Ford engine we build. New valves, locks, guides, seats, rockers, and lifters are installed in every engine to eliminate valve train noise and failure.

Plus many additional features that improve this engine above its factory counterpart:

  • New hypereutectic graphite coated pistons to end piston slap and bore wear once you reach high mileage
  • Oil pan and timing cover to reduce install time (included new oil pump)
  • Set of new OEM gaskets (to re-install what is not included)

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have about Ford 5.4 engine problems.

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