If I Replace My Car’s Engine, Is It Worth More Or Less Later?

When you have a car with a bad engine, it can be difficult to figure out what to do next. Should you:

  • Replace the engine?
  • Try to sell the car as is?
  • Scrap the car?

If you ask us, replacing the engine is the best option. It’s because replacing an engine always increases the value of a vehicle. It always makes the vehicle worth more in the short term. It also maintains your car’s value in the long term. In fact, you’d likely get a bigger return of investment than if you had just sold the car as is.


If the rest of your car is in good condition, it doesn’t make sense to scrap it. So you have two options left:

  1. Sell the car as is
  2. Replace the engine

The first option – selling the car as is – would be pretty difficult. Most people don’t want to buy a vehicle with a blown engine. This is still true even if the price is discounted to reflect the cost of engine replacement. That, and you wouldn’t get a lot of money out of the sale. When a car doesn’t have a functioning engine, the value of the vehicle is about as low as it can possibly go.

Even though you’ll have to spend money on an engine replacement, it’ll be a good investment. Chances are you’ll get more money out of the sale, even after deducting the cost of the engine replacement.

So replace the engine first before selling it if:

  • You’re looking for a quick sale
  • You want to get the most value out of the car

What If You Don’t Want To Replace The Engine?

It’s okay if you don’t want to replace the engine. You can trade the car in at a dealership, but expect to get peanuts for it.

What If You Replace The Engine And Then Keep The Vehicle For A While?

What if you replace the engine in a vehicle, keep it a few years, and then sell or trade it in? Will you recoup the cost of the engine replacement?

Most likely yes. Of course, it depends on how well you maintain your vehicle and engine. The only way to make an engine replacement an investment is to buy a warranty. Some people will pay more than the standard value of the vehicle because the engine is still under warranty. If you sell your car within the first year of your engine purchase, Powertrain Products will transfer the warranty for a small fee, so you can just add it to the sale price.

Engines From Powertrain Products Offer A Lot Of Value

engine value

At Powertrain Products, we offer three different warranty options:

  • 3-year, 1-million-mile warranty
  • 5-year, 1-million-mile warranty
  • 7-year, 1-million-mile warranty

If you get the 7-year warranty, for example, you’ll get to keep your car for a few more years and still get a good amount of money when you sell it. The warranty policy isn’t the only good thing about Powertrain Products engines. All our engines are well built with quality parts. Learn more about Powertrain Products replacement engines here!

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