Can I Save Money Rebuilding An Engine Instead Of Replacing It?

Often times, fixing something is a lot cheaper than replacing it. Does this apply to engines, though? Is it cheaper to rebuild an engine instead of replacing it?

The short answer is no. It’s much cheaper and easier to replace the entire engine. Read on for the long answer.

It Takes A Lot Of Time To Rebuild An Engine

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It’s cheaper to replace the engine only for one reason. Rebuilding an engine is super labor intensive. Unless you’re very experienced in rebuilding your engine, you need to hire someone to do it for you. It doesn’t make sense to pay someone to:

  1. Take apart your engine
  2. Fix it
  3. Put it back together

Rebuilding an engine is a big job. It takes an experienced technician 8-10 hours to do a very simple rebuild of an engine, give or take. (And that doesn’t include removal and re-installation of the engine in your car.) If you’re paying the shop $100 per hour, that’s about $1,000 for labor alone, just for the rebuild. If it needs additional new parts, you’re looking at a $2,500-$4,000 bill. Before the engine is torn down, it’s really difficult to know how much it will actually cost to rebuild it.

An Engine Replacement Rarely Comes With Surprise Expenses

When you’re having an engine rebuilt, you need to prepare for the cost to go up unexpectedly. That means it’s very difficult to have an engine rebuilt on a strict budget. No one knows the true state of the engine unless they take it apart and examine the parts. A technician may come across surprise issues when they’re elbow deep into the engine.

Replacement Engines Are Pretty Much “Plug And Play”

Replacement engines – whether they’re brand new, remanufactured, or rebuilt – are “plug and play” parts. That means you can take out the old engine and then put in a new one without changing anything inside it. Here’s more information about this.

You shouldn’t run into any issues installing a high quality remanufactured engine from a reputable company.

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck: Buy A Remanufactured Engine

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Instead of letting labor fees or surprise expenses kill your bank account, buy a replacement engine. Even better, trade your old engine in for a replacement. That way, you’ll get some credit toward your new engine.

There are three different types of replacement engines:

  1. Brand new crate engine
  2. Remanufactured engine
  3. Rebuilt engine

A remanufactured engine offers the most value. It’s because remanufactured engines are:

  • Cheaper than brand new crate engines
  • Built better and less expensive than rebuilt engines

You might be asking, “but why can’t I just have my own engine rebuilt instead of buying another remanufactured engine?”

It sounds logical, but it’s actually impractical. Having your own engine rebuilt is much more expensive than buying a remanufactured engine. It’s because remanufacturing is done on an assembly line by dozens of people. This makes the process much faster and more efficient. That, in turn, keeps the costs down.

Look No Further Than Powertrain Products Engines

If you want your replacement engine to last as long as possible, get a Powertrain Products engine. At Powertrain Products:

  • We remanufacture our engines to OEM specs
  • We correct all the known faults of an OEM engine
  • We beef up all our engines with high quality parts that are better than OEM
  • We sim test all our engines
  • Our warranty policy is the best on the market

In other words, you’ll get so much value out of a remanufactured engine from Powertrain Products. Look up your model to see if we have an engine for your car today!

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