If I Replace My Engine, Will I Need To Pay For Other Repairs Too?

Replacing an engine is a big job. If you’re thinking about replacing your engine, you may have a few concerns. A common concern among car owners is that replacing an engine may cause other things to fail.

If that’s your concern, you have nothing to worry about. Are the other parts in good working order? If so, replacing the engine won’t cause these components to fail.

Engines Are Pretty Much “Plug And Play”

Engine replacement

Engines connect with other parts and systems, such as:

  • The fuel system
  • The transmission
  • The electrical system
  • The cooling system
  • The exhaust system

Replacing the engine won’t affect any of these parts or systems. It’s because engines are individual, self-contained components. There’s a reason the saying “drop in engine” exists. It’s because you pretty much drop a new engine into a car and then hook it up to other parts and systems. Replacing an engine is a big job, but it’s made to be as easy as possible.

Make Sure All The Specs Are The Same

If you buy a high quality remanufactured engine, you’ll have no problem installing it. That is, as long as all the specs are the same. For example:

  • Same power
  • Same size
  • From the same model of car
  • Was attached to the same type of transmission

If you want to play it safe, get a replacement engine that has all the same specs as your old engine. Everything will work as well as it did before.

The Quality Of The Engine Still Matters

Remanufactured engine

Finding any engine that matches your specs won’t do the trick. All rebuilt and remanufactured engines are not the same, and plenty will fail early. But even if a used engine fails early, it won’t damage any other parts or systems. Only the engine will fail, but of course, that’s still a big deal.

You want your new engine to last as long as possible. This post explains the importance of finding a reputable engine remanufacturing company.

At Powertrain Products, our remanufactured engines are among the best on the market. It’s because:

  • We remanufacture all our engines to OEM specs.
  • We correct all the known OEM faults.
  • We resurface cylinder walls to make the environment ideal for the pistons and rings.
  • We re-machine bearing mount surfaces.
  • We install brand new parts in the valve train, including:
    • Springs
    • Retainers
    • Keepers
    • Seals
  • We thoroughly sim test all our remanufactured engines.
  • We offer the best warranty on the market.

We put quality above all else. Our diligence throughout the remanufacturing process results in well built engines that should last a long time. We have so much confidence in our engines that we offer a generous warranty policy in the rare occurrence that something goes wrong. Check out our engines today!

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