Ask A Powertrain Genius: I Have A 94 F-150 With A 351 That’s Blown, What Should I Do?

Do you have a 1994 F-150 with a blown 351W engine? If so, you came to the right place. As Powertrain Geniuses, we’ll help you navigate the issue. We’ll also help you determine the best solution.

Should You Get Rid Of Your Truck?

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Sometimes when an engine blows, the owner wants to do away with the vehicle altogether. Sometimes that’s a good solution, but certainly not when it comes to 1994 F-150s. You want to hold onto your truck. The reason is simple. It’s a collectible. The 1994 F-150 is one of the last years to have the “square” body style that sort of the defined the 1980s and early 90s.

A truck this old is no longer depreciating. As long as you keep it in great shape (and that includes keeping the engine running), you’ll get a great return of investment when you’re ready to sell it. Let’s say you decide to sell your truck with a blown motor. You won’t get much for it. The buyer can drop in a new engine and then flip it for a hefty profit without much effort.

You’ll also save a lot of money by keeping your truck and rebuilding or replacing the engine. A new car (or a decent used car) costs a lot more money than a replacement engine for your truck.

Should You Rebuild The Engine Or Replace It?

If you decide to keep your ’94 F-150, the next decision to make is whether to rebuild the engine or replace it. If you ask us, replacing the engine is the much better solution. Rebuilding your engine is a good idea only if:

  • You have lots of specialized knowledge and experience
  • You have access to a full shop with all the tools and equipment you need

Otherwise, replacing the engine is much easier, faster, and cheaper. This post explains why replacing your engine is a great option.

Why You Want To Replace Your Engine With A Remanufactured 351W

When hunting for a replacement engine, look for a remanufactured 351W. Here are 3 great reasons why:

1. The Engine Will Keep The Vehicle Original

We mentioned earlier in this post that the 1994 F-150 is a collectible. If you plan to sell your truck in the future, a remanufactured 351W will:

  • Protect your investment
  • Retain your truck’s resale value
  • Increase your truck’s chances of being sold

Collectors love classic cars that come with all the original parts. A remanufactured 351W didn’t roll off the assembly line with your truck. But it did roll off the assembly line with another 1994 F-150. Any collector who’s familiar with 1994 F-150s will look for one with a 351W engine.

2. The 351W Engine Is A Great Motor

There’s no reason to drop another type of motor into your truck. It’s because the 351W engine is already a great motor. It’s pretty strong and reliable in general. Ford had pretty much ‘dialed in’ this motor by 1994. Some 351W engines come with random problems with oil pump shafts. We take care of that problem. It’s a great motor to own.

3. A Remanufactured 351W Will Last At Least As Long As The Original Motor

If you find a remanufactured 351W engine from a reputable company, it will likely last longer than the original motor. For example, at Powertrain Products, our remanufacturing process is as thorough as they come. It’s because:

  • We only use core engines that are already in good shape
  • We thoroughly clean our engines during the remanufacturing process
  • We replace all the worn and broken parts
  • We use state-of-the-art CNC equipment for re-machining
  • We follow OE tolerances and specs while remanufacturing our engines

Read more about our remanufacturing process here. You can’t go wrong with a remanufactured Powertrain Products engine. Check out the 351W engine we have available here!

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