Core Return Instructions

Return Guidelines

When you’re ready to return your core, visit our Core Returns page within 2 weeks to schedule your core return. Yes, we always waived our core deposits for 15 days, but why procrastinate?! You don’t want to pay the core charge, right?!

core return

Please read and have the following ready to prevent delays with your pick up:

  • Address that this is being picked up from, including contact name & phone number.
  • Hours of business for driver to arrive for pick up.
  • Whether a lift gate is needed for pick up by the carrier.
  • Be sure to have access to a printer. Our BOL (bill of lading) will be emailed and is required to be given to the driver during pick up.
  • After receiving the shipping documents, you are required to confirm you have them so that the driver can be scheduled for pick up.
  • Cores must be assembled and/or drained
  • Must be in original container.
  • If on a pallet it must be secured before returning.

Please Remember It’s Your Responsibility To Schedule Your Core Return Within 15 Days. If Not Scheduled Within 15 Days You Will Be Charged.

PLEASE NOTE: All Returns Must Be Picked Up From Original Delivery Location Or Additional Fees May Apply.

Please Read: Powertrain Products Inc. BOL (bill of lading) are generated electronically; Powertrain Products will email you a BOL. The BOL required to be printed and must be given to drivers at pick up. Only after a confirmation from the customer that a Powertrain Products BOL has been received, printed and with the returning unit will a truck be scheduled. If a pick up is scheduled and an attempt is made without freight ready, additional fees up to $300 will be collected at your expense.

If an attempt is made for pick up without a BOL, DO NOT HAND WRITE A BOL OR REUSE AN EXISTING BOL. Please call Powertrain Products shipping department immediately at 888-842-0023, select 4 for our shipping department.

Any shipments given to carriers without a Powertrain Products BOL will be at your expense. Scheduled pickups are not guaranteed. Carriers will make attempts for pickups up to 48 hours (business days) from scheduled pickup date. If you are aware that a pickup is scheduled but no attempt was made, please be sure to reach out to Powertrain Products to reschedule or delays may occur. Pickups could be delayed from indirect points or when lift gates are required. If this was the case during delivery, it will likely be the same for pickup.

Any special requests for pickup will need to be made aware of before attempts are made or delays may occur. You MUST keep a signed copy of your BOL (bill of lading) this is your proof of pickup. If returns are never received without proof of pickup, all costs are your responsibility.

Questions? Email [email protected] or visit our Core Returns page here.

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