How Our Long Block Engines Are Delivered

Customers commonly ask:

  • How do engines come?
  • What comes with them?
  • What will the repair shop do to switch it over and get it installed into the vehicle?

The answers vary depending on what you purchase, but the most common way is shown in this video. What you see is an old ’88 3.8 front-wheel-drive Taurus engine. This is also referred to as a long block.

The majority of engines we sell come as a long block engine, with oil pump and a gasket kit included. This makes it easy for your mechanic can swap everything over. (Read this article for more info on complete engines.)

What Is Included In A Long Block Engine?

Long block engine

The long block itself includes the block and the cylinder heads, or head (singular) if it’s a four-cylinder. What you’re required to switch over are things like the oil pan, valve covers, intake manifold, timing cover, exhaust manifolds, all of your external accessories like AC, power steering, the mounts, the brackets, flexplate on the back, fuel injectors, wiring, hoses, and water pump. Again, we send all of the gaskets with the engine.

We also sell engines where the oil pan and the timing cover (and sometimes the valve covers) are installed. That will depend on your application.

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