What Is The Difference Between Our Used Engines And One From A Junk Yard?

junkyard engine

There are many things that set a Powertrain Products used engine apart from the engines you’ll find in a salvage yard.

We Don’t Sell Everything

Unlike a salvage yard, we do not have to sell everything that we obtain. We buy specific vehicles for resale. If the vehicle cannot be tested, then unlike a salvage yard, we can use the engine and transmission for our engine remanufacturing efforts. This makes it possible to still use our investment. Many salvage yards will sell a substandard part so they don’t lose all of there money on that particular vehicle.

We Run-Test All Products

We run-test all our products in the field before dis-assembly. If we cannot start and run it to confirm proper operability, then we pull it and use it for a rebuild.

We Compression-Test Engines

As a secondary precaution, we compression test all engines prior to shipping out to confirm nothing has changed since it was pulled.

We Remove Engines And Transmissions

We remove (not CUT) our engines and transmissions. This results in a product that is easier for the end installer to assemble. We still suggest using your original items such as intake, oil pan, valve cover, wiring harness. This way new gaskets and seals are installed.

Parts And Labor Warranty

We are so confident in our testing procedures, that we back our used products with an unheard of two-year (1 million mile) parts and LABOR warranty. No one in the industry will cover labor on a used product in the event it fails. This alone should help you feel confident that buying a used product from us is a good choice.

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