Understanding Your Transmission Tag Identification Number

When you’re looking for a new transmission, you need to have your VIN handy. Transmission and engine specialists like us can pull useful information from the VIN. Some VINs provide all the information needed about which transmission was used in the vehicle.

The thing is, some VINs don’t provide enough information about the transmission. If your VIN doesn’t provide that information, you will need the transmission tag number.

What Is A Transmission Tag Number?

Alaina and Drew took the time to explain what a transmission tag number is:

ansmission tag number is a string of numbers and letters that identifies the specific transmission model. Each manufacturer determines the length and format of the transmission tag number. A few examples:

  • The tag number on a GM 6L80 transmission usually has only four characters.
  • The tag number on a Ford 4R75 transmission is much longer. It may have about 14 characters.
  • The tag number on a Chrysler 545RFE transmission may have about 11 characters.

How To Read A Transmission Tag Number

There’s no universal way to interpret a transmission tag number. Each manufacturer has its own meaning behind the numbers, letters, and format. Do you want to interpret your vehicle’s transmission tag number? Do an online search to see if there’s a manufacturer-specific chart available.

Where To Find A Transmission Tag Number

The location of the transmission tag number depends on the transmission. It’s usually found on the transmission housing, either in the form of a sticker or a plate screwed into the housing.

Most of the time, you can see the transmission tag number when the transmission is still installed in your vehicle. If not, you may need to pull the transmission out to see the tag number.

You would only need to find the transmission tag number if your Powertrain Products sales representative asks you for it. Otherwise, we can pull the transmission information from the VIN.

Do you have any questions about finding or interpreting your transmission tag number? Your Powertrain Products sales representative can help you with that – and you can check out our transmission offerings online here.